Belated Welcome to Adamson Production

The Shins - Live at ThirdMan Records

The Shins – Live at ThirdMan Records

By: G Luke Adamson

Hello There! I’d very much like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my blog – Adamson Production. I am a massive fan of all music. I love how powerful it is; how it can affect our mood or become an auditory sample in our memory that we can associate with an event or place.

My dream is to one day become a successful music producer spanning many geners. I have many idols in this line of work such as Rick Rubin and Jack White. But today I’d like to give you a taste of Mr White’s brain-child, Third Man records. Yesterday I received a 12′ vinyl LP recorded live at Third Man. This was no ordinary Live Recording though. No, in this case, for the first time ever someone tried to record a live concert directly to acetate vinyl in real time. This is extremely challenging because you have to get everything correct, RIGHT NOW! There’s no going back and cleaning up a mistake later. It has to be as great as it can be right now.

Typically on live albums the process consists of recording the concert live in either a digital or analog tape format. Cutting it up into sections which will be each song or track, and then mixing and mastering the recording to ensure that the quality and cohesiveness of the work is as good as it can possibly be. As you can imagine this will take just as long as a regular studio album to create and sell to the world.

Here is a behind the scenes video of how Third Man’s engineers do all of that in real time, recoding the concert directly to acetate vinyl to send to me for unlimited enjoyment.


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