Production Hero, Installment 4

Jack WhiteBy: G Luke Adamson

Installment 4 of my Production Hero Series is about a musician who came along in the late 1990s and then saw his two piece band The White Stripes rise to worldwide fame by the end of the next decade. Jack White’s influence on my generation of music listeners can not be understated; the music he crafts in and of itself refuses to be ignored. Mr. White formed two other bands when The White Stripes were at the absolute peak of their popularity, so when Meg White (Drummer, Ex-Wife and once thought of older sister of Jack) decided that she no longer wanted to record music and tour The White Stripes collapsed. Taken from us far too soon. As sad as it is to know that it is EXTREMELY unlikely that there will ever be a White Stripes reunion Mr. White has still provided fans multiple ways to hear his music and the likes of his bandmates.

White founded The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather with friends in the middle of the 2000s decade before the end of The White Stripes. His role in those bands is essential and the music they both release is often a major reflection on him as well as his collaborators within each band. Mr. White is heavily influenced by Mississippi Delta Blues music and old school rock and roll. Those influences shine through in basically every song he has recorded for himself.

Live at Bonnaroo

Live at Bonnaroo

Mr. White has also worked with other artists in a production role to help craft their own works. His very own company Third Man Records releases loads of new music for various artists each year. His creativity is so unique in that fans have learned to literally expect anything when it comes to news form Jack White. In fact it was recently announced that Third Man Records would be releasing Jay Z’s new album Magna Carta Holy Grail exclusively on vinyl.

Jack White and Jay Z

Jack White and Jay Z

Along with releasing Grammy winning and nominated albums with both The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather post White Stripes, Jack White also released a solo album entitled Blunderbuss that was nominated for Album of The Year at this past years Grammy Awards. He has spoken publicly about plans to release new albums with both bands as well as a follow up to his solo project. His overall stance on crafting music, from the way it’s written (on paper without computers) to the old school recording methods he uses to record, mix and master his works to the new age technology Third Man Records uses on Their Website, Jack White without a doubt deserves a spot in this series.


One thought on “Production Hero, Installment 4

  1. Incredible man, his label has so many good musicians as well (just browse the catalog and Youtube the hell out of it).

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