Production Hero Reflection

I believe it is very important to seek out other people that I can look up to. Positive influences that serve as an example to me of what I can accomplish with my life. That’s why I chose to incorporate the Production Hero series into my blog this summer.

Rick Rubin

Rick Rubin- He is simply the greatest. If I can achieve any small fraction of what he’s been able to over the last 25-30 years I’ll be happy with it.

Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse- He motivates me to break out of my home in the South to accomplish my dreams; much like he did coming out of Athens Georgia.

Dan Auerbach

Dan Auerbauch- What I admire most about Dan is the fact that he and his band The Black Keys went about their career the old fashioned way. They really paid their dues and earned their way to the status they now have. I was very happy for him when he received Producer of the Year for his work with over artists.

Jack White

Jack White- In my opinion he is the closest America has come to an influential music figure since Bob Dylan (Who White refers to as a father figure in his personal life.) His philosophy on artistry and creativity always cause my gears to turn so much. I hang on ever word.  

 I hope to have a positive impact on other people with my work. That is my overall goal. Maybe, if I’m fortunate enough, young people years from now will think of me in a similar way. Time will tell.


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