The Power of Youtube

The Avett BrothersBy: G Luke Adamson

Youtube is on of the greatest sites online. It allows people to not just hear audio, or look at an image, but to see both audio and video. As a freshmen in Music Appreciation the professor mentioned The Avett Brothers once in class. When I got home I took to Youtube to see what all the fuss was about. I am now a massive fan of them, and I credit Youtube for that. There is no telling how many countless hours I have spent watching live videos of the band as well as behind the scenes footage of the bands travels on their Channel.

I firmly believe that Mass Media is extremely underutilized when Promoting and up and coming band. In this age of twitter and Facebook people want their media quick fast and in a hurry. I well crafted and executed Media Strategy could do wonders for a band. The use of video in particular can really appeal to the masses. Teaser videos and album or tour announcement videos would be fantastic! Someone is bound to catch on to this idea soon. It’ll work if it is handled well.


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